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Saturday, November 3, 2012

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It's really easy on a blog like this to become invested in material things. Even in life, it's so easy to get caught up in saving for things or looking at the other girl in class who has a nicer bag than you do. Especially when you're constantly looking for the next big thing, that's what you're looking at - things. Every now and then I try to make a list of non-material things that make me happy. After I start writing down a few things the lists start flowing. Before I know it I've written 100 people, moments, or feelings that are irreplaceable.

I seriously suggest that everyone do this when they're feeling down overwhelmed. I promise you'll feel better in two seconds! Here are some of mine:

  1. Studying really hard for a difficult exam and knowing afterwards that you passed with flying colors
  2. Puppy snugglin'
  3. Getting into the car to go home on a Friday afternoon
  4. Learning the words to what you know will be your new favorite song
  5. Receiving a handwritten card in the mail
  6. Receiving your favorite magazine in the mail
  7. Finally checking off every single thing on your To Do list
  8. Sweater weather
  9. Getting into the thickest part of a good book
  10. Mama hugs
  11. Dirty jokes that aren't disgusting
  12. Putting on fuzzy socks when your feet are cold
  13. That first cup of hot chocolate of the season
  14. Taking off skinny jeans and putting on a pair of leggings
  15. Beating your best time on a run
  16. The first red cup sighting at Starbucks
  17. Landing on an even dollar at the gas pump
  18. Being able to sing a whole song and hit every note perfectly
  19. Those sunsets that turn the sky all different colors
  20. A picture that is good of you and your best friends

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