Saturday, December 1, 2012

I'll always love modern houses. They're cool and angular, and thoughts of pretty new homes in Los Angeles or New York City will forever make my heart go pitter patter, but I could never actually live in one.

Like clockwork I steal my mom's Southern Living Magazine every month. I'm not so much into the recipes or other articles, but they feature a new house in each issue, and I fly directly to that section. They (usually) have amazing balance between clean and fresh, and cozy. I'll always need my home to be cozy. It doesn't really matter the size.

Which is why I love this house so much. I've never been a big fan of  vaulted ceilings, but the paint in the house (especially in the kitchen and living room) make the rooms warmer and not so stark and overwhelming. Don't y'all love this house? How beautiful are those stairs?!

I found these photos in a blogpost by one of my favorite blogs, House of Turquoise. To see more photos go here!