Airport Snugglin

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

On Friday I will be taking a short flight, then I'll have a relatively long layover, and then I'll be on the long flight to London. I'm fighting the strong urge to bum it when it comes to my clothes, so I'll go with some cute and comfortable attire.
Comfort is key, people. Comfort. is. key.
So are sweaters and music, but I digress.

What are some of y'all's go-to's for flying? The flight to London is 9 hours, so help me out!


  1. I love traveling and what you have picked out is exactly what I like to wear. You are right, comfort is key. I like to buy plenty of water, gum, and little snacks like trail mix or apple slices or pretzles. Also a book and a magazine. gotta have something to read! I am so pumped for you :)

  2. I would go with the leggings, because I find even the comfiest jeans can get a bit uncomfortable on long flights. And shoes that are easiest to slip on and off are also really important for security. Make sure you bring a change of clothes in case something happens to your luggage! I packed all of my clothes in those vacuum seal bags, and had to buy underwear when I got to Manchester because I was staying overnight before fully unpacking at school and didn't want my suitcase exploding all over my hotel room.

    Also if you have an iPad or Kindle that you read on, make sure you have a magazine or paper book you can read during take-offs and landings. I get super nervous during flights and hate not being able to use electronics!

    Good luck! You will have an amazing time :)