Probably the Cutest Thing Ever

Monday, January 14, 2013

Being in London has come with a lot of of the biggest being no television. I've always hated when people snootily say, "I don't watch much TV." Even if they don't mean it like that, that's how it comes off to me. I love TV. I'm talking I could easily slump into my couch (or bed, whatever, no judgement) and go into a TV coma for a few hours. It doesn't even have to be good TV, though I think my show/movie preferences are amazing.

Anyway, since moving here, despite the goodness of Netflix and Hulu, I haven't been able to enjoy sitting and watching an endless stream of videos when I can't sleep. If I start a show series I'll stay up all night watching it. Enter Youtube. I'm a big Youtube fan. Especially when I find videos like this (that kind of make me miss my dog at home).

HOW CUTE IS THIS?! I can't even take it.

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  1. OMG!!!! That is the cutest video ever! I literally just showed this to my mom and her friend and we were literally screaming and cheering on the little dog. And the big dog is just adorable trying to help her. Love it! And I am following your blog through all of your London adventures :)