These (Keds) Were Made For Walking

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So in London, I've found, I walk around the city a lot more than I normally would if I were back in little ole Columbia, South Carolina. As in, my flats, while cute and comfortable for a few hours, and perfectly fine on the tube, in class, etc., are not satisfactory for a day of wandering around London.

I've never been keen on Keds. You know what they remind me of? My great-grandma. Not my grandmas, though both of them are still active in their 80s and wear their white Keds like it's nobody's business. I mean my great-grandma. The one, who, while sweet as she could be, I only knew inside the doors of her nursing home. I love her and miss her, but I do not want to wear the same shoes as a 97 year old. Sorry.

Taylor Swift/Kate Spade/Madewell

However...Keds has stepped up their game. Seriously, I'm eyeing me some Keds. $62 - $85 for a pair from their collaborations with Taylor Swift, Kate Spade, or Madewell is pricey (and if I were back in South Carolina, I would never consider it), but for how much use I could potentially get out of them...some of my money might be coming Keds' way.

What do y'all think? They're cute, right? Definitely not senior citizen status.

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  1. LOVE the black and whit polka dots!! Just love!

    Ali of