Much Needed Sandals Post

Friday, April 26, 2013

So it's gotten hot outside. And I don't say that in reference to southern hot. It doesn't get southern hot until it hits 90s. I mean London hot. It was 72 degrees yesterday. I practically ripped off my clothes and ran through Regents Park. Instead, though, I wore a t shirt and jeans with my metallic Sperrys and walked through the park like a sane person to enjoy the nice weather. I even went crazy and air dried my hair so that it would be kinda wavy and boho. I have a feeling it just looked like I didn't brush my hair.

Here's a picture from Regents Park. See?! Gorgeous. I think I got a little sunburn. Ouch.

I did notice after hour two, though, that I wished I had worn sandals. Problem #1 with coming to London from South Carolina: you think it'll never be warm enough to wear sandals so you don't pack any. And you're stuck sweating while normal people are wearing sandals.

So now I've been dream-shopping for the day I get home and I will buy all the sandals I can. Here are my favorites I've narrowed my search to:

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  1. Gorgeous sandals! I need to purchase a pair asap and I am loving the blue and tan ones.