Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton

Thursday, July 25, 2013

There's something about Louis Vuitton that's never rubbed me right. Maybe it's the fact that I can't get Paris Hilton circa 2003 (wearing a fake tan, stringy bikini, and a small LV bag) out of my head, or maybe it's that I'm just not a big fan of being a walking billboard for a brand with logos all over, in general.

But these ads may have tweaked my perception of LV for now. Michelle Williams is one of my all time biggest girl crushes, because, honestly, how freaking cool is that woman?! She's so cool and sleek without trying hard. And she is a mom too. I don't get it. She can do no wrong, right?

For fall, the monochromatic thing is awesome. I'm obsessed with the pop of red on her lips in contrast with her pale skin. And the way they paired such a structured, understated bag with the texture and movement of her hair? Stunning. Congrats Louis Vuitton, you're doing it right. So right.

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  1. Wow that bag is gorgeous. I agree I'm not too big on the logo plastered all over purses either. I love how you have a little logo showing but the rest is leather. I have to admit I've never really wanted an LV bag before this one!