Apartment Decor Update

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I don't know about you, but looking at professionally photographed apartments and houses on blogs can make me feel kind of awful about my house. Having just moved from my parents' house for the summer into my first apartment has been amazing, but also lacking in the decor area. Luckily, my roommate and I didn't have to spend a lot of money on new furniture. We mostly used what we already had, and made some trips to Goodwill and various thrift stores for what we needed. Our walls are pretty bare at the moment, so I've made it a point to love the little things about our house that I love most. Each little thing has a memory attached. Here are some of my favorites!

Firstly, my roommates beautiful Anthropologie apron. Has she worn it once? No, but it's such a pretty decoration now that we've hung it in the kitchen! It can be hard to decorate in a kitchen (especially one as small as ours), but this baby does the trick.

I've loved these blue and white china jars for my whole life, my mom has a ton in our kitchen, and I was lucky enough to get this jar from my aunt. She lived in Thailand for a few years in the 90's and offered me this one that she bought while overseas.

When it comes to bowls, Anthropologie is always spot on. I have two of these bowls and always wished I bought more. This bowl in particular is so pretty, I've used it as a jewelry holder!

There is an artist in Columbia known as the Chicken Man, whose paintings are somewhat of a staple in South Carolina. My parents got me my first Chicken Man painting last year and I love it so much! It ended up being able to fit perfectly between my bedroom and my roommate's bedroom. His paintings are all one of a kind, which makes them all so much cooler - none are exactly alike!

My roommate and I have very similar tastes, and when she brought these coasters home from J. Crew I knew I'd have to get some as well. My family never used coasters at my house, but now I can't imagine not grabbing for one of these. Go get them here, they're on sale!

My roommate and I got these curtains for the front windows in the living room and they add so much personality to the room! With the pattern they add dimension without completely blocking the natural light coming through the windows, and they're Jonathan Adler (for J.C. Penney) at that! They are all out, but check out the rest of the Jonathan Adler collection here!

This set of mugs and saucers was my first Kate Spade purchase my freshman year of college and to be honest I hardly ever take them out of the cupboard. I think they're beautiful (similar), but I'm so scared they will get broken or dropped, so for the most part I leave them be. That doesn't mean I don't take them out when I have a fancy cup of tea and a cupcake, though :)

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