Emily's 10 Essentials: Thanks, Jenna Lyons

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

After reading this article about Jenna Lyons' 10 essentials, I thought I'd make a list of my essentials, namely, the items I have on me at all times. Since it's getting cooler (everywhere except for South Carolina) I thought I'd add in some of my seasonal favorites!

What are some of your essentials? I'd love to hear if I need to add any to my list!

Pilot G2 pens 0.5: Very important anytime of the year. I have at least four on me at all times.
Tiffany ring: my ex-boyfriend gave me mine in high school but I just can't take it off. I feel so classy wearing it!
Lilly Pulitzer planner: I live out of my planner. I know plenty of people who have digital calendars, but I can't remember anything without writing it down.
Menswear inspired watch: Classic. Enough said.
Essie "Size Matters": I love putting on this darker color in the fall - it's the perfect red without being too deep or bright
Maybelline Color Whispers Coral Ambition: This is my go-to for any lipstick worthy day!
Bean Boots: aside from Uggs, these are the warmest (casual) boots I've found that I don't mind getting wet.
J. Crew Tippi Sweaters: I live in Tippi sweaters in the winter! They're great for layering and come in tons of colors.
American Apparel Circle Scarf: Most of the time I don't think I'm cool enough for AA, but their circle scarves are perfect! I practically lived in mine in London!


  1. loving both yours and jenna lyons' version of this! such a good blog series idea!


  2. great picks! i'll have to try out those ll bean boots.

  3. Love this! Copying it for a post k thanks ;)


  4. Love this! Great picks!