Domino is back!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Wait, what? What was that? Domino is back?!

If you don't know what Domino Magazine is, it's probably because it had to shut down in 2009 due to budget constraints. After major uproar from devoted fans, it is back online and in print starting today and I'm so excited!

On the website you can use the Domino shop to find great furniture and decor, or check out some insanely gorgeous featured home tours. Oh, and you can shop for the products you see within the home tours. It's genius, right?

This Upper East Side studio apartment has me swooning - isn't it so perfectly girly? 

The Holiday 2013 issue is on newsstands today, so I'll be hunting it down!

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  1. I've already picked up my print copy. So excited that Domino is back!