10 things to know about seniors during finals week

Sunday, December 15, 2013

After having spent eight hours in the USC library today after taking a three hour exam, my last final (Monday!) is the only thing on my brain. Want to know what finals week has looked like for me and every other university senior on the planet? I've made a list for you.

  1. At any given point during finals week we are mentally calculating the lowest grade we can get on a final without failing. In fact, we should get an additional math credit just for figuring out that many percentages in our heads.
  2. We are either low on sleep, or feel guilty for not being low on sleep. It's like we're doing something wrong if we wake up having gotten 8 or more hours of sleep...
  3. At some point during the week we will have a break down about finding a job after college. It may be while studying for a marketing exam or while taking a coffee break. But it will happen, and it will come out of nowhere.
  4. That light at the end of the tunnel? It's driving us crazy. At the beginning of the semester it was exciting to be so close to finishing college without actually having to be out in the real world. We are the top dogs on campus now, right? Nope. Not anymore. During finals week we would rather be unemployed living in our parents' basement desperately trying to find employment.
  5. We are cursing the professors that actually give out finals. We're seniors! We shouldn't have to suffer like the rest of the lower classes. Aren't we pretty much equals with the professors now? Shouldn't there be some type of code?
  6. The thought of decorating our apartments and baking Christmas cookies is as luring as ever. Now that we are young twenty-somethings we should have adorable houses, real Christmas trees, and strings of lights around our abodes...but instead we have loose leaf papers, pencils, and empty cans of Diet Coke littering our floors and tabletops. So much for growing up.
  7. If at any time during the week you ask us how we're doing, you will get a resounding "OVER IT."
  8. Instead of going out and partying once the week is done, we will be stuffing our faces and sleeping like we're in 5 year comas...at least that's my plan.
  9. In my situation, there is only one more day until finals are over and ten more days until Christmas, and at this point I'm not sure which I am more excited for.
  10. No matter how much we hate finals and the daunting job prospects after graduation, we are so, incredibly glad that we only have one more semester of school, and we wouldn't give that up for anything.

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