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Thursday, December 5, 2013

After yesterday's stress, today I was able to relax a little since I finished one of my exams. I'm not much into pampering, but I have a deep love for nail polish, as is apparent by my massive nail polish collection. I justify my collection by almost never getting manicures or pedicures, so it's like I'm actually saving money by buying nice polish. 

Note: remind me to never get a gel manicure again. I paid $35 for a mani last Wednesday for Thanksgiving. I chipped it off by Monday night. 

Though I love OPI, China Glaze, and Butter London, Essie is, hands down, my favorite nail polish brand. When I got out my favorite colors today to do my own nails, I realized that, 1. I have too many bottles of nail polish, and 2. they were too pretty to not take some photos!

Since I'm feeling a bit festive, I went with my favorite green, Sew Psyched. I'm not crazy about super shiny polish, and Essie's colors have a great sheen that is smack in the middle of matte and glossy. I'm thinking of possibly adding some metallic gold polka dots with Penny Talk when I have a bit more time this week!

What polish brands do y'all love? I've gotten addicted to pricey polish, but if y'all know of any brands high or low end, send them my way!

In the mean time, check out some of my favorite colors in my Essie collection:

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