Fifteen Abouts

Monday, January 13, 2014

I've done some About Me's before (like this, this, this, this, and this!), but I thought it was high time I do more again!
Doesn't everyone love finding out other people are just as weird as we are?

one, I am always the most excited person in any situation. No matter what.

two, I've never been to New York City *crosses fingers* but maybe this year? I've heard it's great, but I've also heard it's like a dirtier, louder London, so I'm not sure what to expect.

three, from ages 12 to 18 I repainted my bedroom three times and constantly reorganized it. What can I say? My tastes are constantly changing.

four, my face turns bright red when I have even a sip of alcohol. I will look like I've had seven drinks even if I've only had one. Dark bar lighting is definitely my friend.

five, I am a movie talker and my friends hate me for it, especially if they really like the movie and I think it's stupid. I'm sorry.

six, though I usually haven't seen any of the movies or heard much of the music, I'm a big awards show fan. When I was in London I watched the lifestreams of the Grammy's, Oscars, etc, which ended around 4:00 am my time, mostly so I could see the outfits.

seven, I am graduating in May, and I am most excited for being able to read for fun again. Outside work for classes cut into my reading time, so I'm hoping to get back to my two to three books per month prime!

eight, because I grew up with the same group of people from elementary school until college, we all had our "roles" in the group. I was the one that people messed with. My friends would hide my phone, scribble on a piece of paper I was writing on, or hide when I wasn't looking. It was all in good fun, and I did the same to them, but that was definitely my role. Probably because...

nine, I'm super gullible, which led to my role in the group. It can be super embarrassing.

ten, I edit my instagram photos in at least two (sometimes three!) different apps before uploading. Snapseed for coloring, Squaready for creating square images out of portrait/landscapes, and Line Camera for clarifying.

eleven, I used to think I was an extrovert, now I know that I am 100% an introvert. I love being around people, but I definitely need time to myself to regenerate.

twelve, if I could grow up to be someone, I would want to be Jenna Lyons and Tory Burch's love child.

thirteen, if I know there is a bug in my bedroom, I can't go to sleep. One night I spent three hours searching for a cockroach that I knew was under my bed somewhere. I couldn't find it, and slept on the couch instead.

fourteen, in middle/high school I tried desperately to be a punky/hipster child. I failed and ended up looking like a little kid who had gotten into too many blue and purple eyeshadows.

fifteen, when I was 16 I had my boyfriend pierce my cartilage, which is by far the dumbest thing I've ever done. Remember the scene in The Parent Trap where Lindsay Lohan pierces the other Lindsay's ear and holds an apple behind it? We didn't have an apple, so I used an unpeeled banana. Needless to say it never healed, and I took out the earring after five months.

Do y'all have any little quirks? I'm sure I have more embarrassing or weird qualities and stories, but for now I'll leave you with just these so I don't sound too lame :)

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