2 years

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Exactly two years ago (well, this past Sunday) I started a little blog for fun. I had no idea I would have this space while studying abroad in London, starting my senior year, or even after college. Life has changed so much, yet Cooper & Thames has been a great constant for me, whether I write for fun or out of necessity or stress. It's amazing how much difference two years can make, right?

Two years ago I was...

feeling grateful for my Southern Weddings internship that had just ended
liking beginning my junior year at USC
making plans to study abroad next semester
wanting these Emerson Fry coats. Still do.
wondering if I could stand living at home...again
enjoying the Gamecocks win against Vanderbilt
waiting for the financial aid office to let me know if I got any study abroad scholarships
hoping that London would look like these Sartorialist photos (hint: not quite)
using these truly horrendous Instagram filters

Here's to the next two years! Who knows how much more change this blog will see! :)

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