Monday, October 29, 2012

Since there will be an approximate 20 degree difference in London versus in Columbia, SC by the time I go abroad (literally counting the days until January 7th), I've practically been dreaming pretty coats and outwear. Yes, I dream in wool, cashmere, and quilted vests.

In Columbia, and maybe it's just college in general, you can pretty much get away with being really lazy as far as fashion goes...and actually most things as long as it's not USC football. We are serious about our football. At USC the average girl wears a giant oversized t-shirt, norts (Nike shorts for those not familiar with college lingo), and running sneakers until the very last day of fall, when she then exchanges the norts for leggings. It's all about comfort, people.

But I'm trying to do as the Romans do and step up my game. I like dressing nice when I can, but in London I don't think "when I can" will count. If The Sartorialist is an accurate representation of what people dress like (which I believe wholeheartedly it does), I have some serious upgrading to do.

Photos via by Anja Louise Verdugo, j. crew, via j. crew, zara, dorothy perkins, sartorialistviavia

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