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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Being a marketing and advertising student, I love internally critiquing advertisements, billboards, commercials, etc. It feels a little bit like judging or gossiping, but without the negative things that can come along with talking smack. Like I posted about Kate Spade, most of the brands I love focus a lot on their brand image in their advertisements.

Most of the time if I don't like a store, it's not so much about the clothing, it's about the brand image. If the owners of a brand, or even smaller, the manager of a store, doesn't focus on the customer's experience and how to best show the brand's image through the store's layout and organization, why should I reward that store with my service? Maybe that sounds harsh...but I like me a well designed ad.

Anyway, of all my favorite advertisements and videos, this one has to be my favorite. It was done when The Row was still starting, in 2007, but it sells the brand and the brand's image so well without saying one word. Besides the fact that I LOVE the clothes, it's such smart marketing. That girl, to me, looks so. cool.

Anyone agree?

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