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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall has pretty much equaled new socks for me. Target has the most adorable socks ever for like $3 each, which I wear practically every day under my boots. And one of my best friends, Mevy, who is going to London with me, got me a present just because: my I love British boys socks you can see me modeling.

Columbia just got our first Whole Foods (YAAAY FINALLY!) and next to it is a wooden furniture store called Nadau, and it's amazing. My mom and I went in the day it opened and the furniture is so pretty and unique, while still at great prices. I can't wait to get an apartment so that I can shop there!

Of course, I had to take some of the crafting ideas I've found on Pinterest to good use. I painted those pumpkins like three weeks ago and they haven't left my front yard since :)

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