Countdown to London

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Before I sign off for the holidays, I wanted to share something I didn't expect to encounter about traveling abroad. While I expected finances and the general getting everything together to be nerve racking and stressful, I didn't think saying my goodbyes would necessarily be as sad and scary as they are.

Did anyone else feel like this before studying abroad/moving? Today I visited my grandparents out of town for the last time before I leave. We all had a good time, but at the end of the visit I was so anxious and sad to be saying goodbye. I don't see my grandparents as often as I'd like to, but I didn't think I would be choking back tears!

Now I can only imagine how I'll be when I say goodbye to my parents. Especially my mom. My mom and I are best friends, so I know I'll be semi-balling my eyes out. And not a cute cry. A red, puffy eyes, walrus sounds, ugly cry. Not what I would like to look like in an airport with tons of people around.

Any advice or stories would be appreciated! I can't believe I leave in less than two weeks!!


  1. Oh God, totally! I said goodbye to my family, best friend and boyfriend at the airport, and basically the lump didn't leave my throat for about 3 days. When I got to the hotel in Manchester, I pretty much collapsed on my bed and cried all day. This is not going to comfort you at ALL right now, but my point in telling you is that feeling that way is totally normal, and it will totally pass as soon as you meet even one person that you like in London. As soon as I got to school and met my new flatmates, I knew that everything was going to be okay.

    Some tips: drinking water helps ease that lump in your throat, try and find a calling card as soon as you can (or put an international plan on your cell--I wracked up £50 worth of phone charges in about 3 minutes when I reached England), and let yourself feel sad but remember why you are there. It gets better SO quickly, I promise. :)

  2. Ohhhh yes. Okay, so when I left for Asia in August, the day before I flew out, I was soo anxious. My stomach was balled into a knot and I was super sad. I thought that the moment I was on the plane, I'd feel better but in actuality it took about 24 hours before I felt better.
    I've never been one to get homesick and I haven't been since I've been here, but man saying that goodbye was hard. But that's also the good part. I think once you say goodbye and get on that plane and arrive at your destination, you are going to feel so so so much better. You will be starting this new adventure and once you realize that your family is only a phone call away, your nerves will settle in. Living in London will totally be worth the weepy goodbye.