50 in London

Saturday, January 5, 2013

In my hopes to keep relatively organized (as much as I can) while in London, not only with school and changes in habits, but also in what I do with my time, I've created a list of 50 things I want to complete by the time I return to the US of A. Some of these are super small (like #1 or #3) and doable, others are a little more daunting (#50). I'll make sure to update y'all as I cross them off!

PS- When this post publishes I'll be over the Atlantic Ocean! Cross your fingers my plane stays in the air! :)

  1. Decorate my dorm room!
  2. Go on the London Eye
  3. Wash and dry my first load of laundry ever in a laundromat
  4. See Big Ben
  5. Spot the coat of arms and dragon (if you don't know what I'm talking about, click here - it's so interesting!)
  6. Find my favorite coffee place
  7. Walk around Regents Park
  8. Check out the Oxford/Cambridge Rowing Race
  9. Give someone directions and actually know what I'm talking about
  10. Visit the White Cliffs of Dover
  11. Eat fish and chips
  12. Be able to get to class by myself without having to look at signs in the subway
  13. Pick up some English slang and subconsciously use it
  14. Visit Ireland
  15. Take fun street sign photos a la Winning London
  16. Visit my friend Natalie in Madrid
  17. Have a fun roomies night in to get to know each other
  18. Have my first good cry in London (because I know it'll happen...)
  19. Take a day to do nothing but explore fun shops
  20. Introduce non-Southerners to grits
  21. Take pictures with the guards of Buckingham palace
  22. Find a new running route (and not get lost)
  23. Visit the Gamecocks in London group to watch a Carolina baseball game
  24. Go to a concert (i.e. Passenger in January!)
  25. Sing at a karaoke night
  26. Hail my first taxi
  27. Go to Shakespeare's London Theater
  28. Have a One Direction/Adele/Gwyneth Paltrow/other famous person sighting
  29. Drink my first pint
  30. Take photos in a red telephone booth
  31. See a member of the royal family
  32. Ride on the second floor of a double decker bus
  33. Visit Buckingham Palace
  34. Find my family's ancestors in the London archives
  35. Perfect my British accent
  36. Check out the London Ice Sculpting Festival
  37. Receive my student Oyster Card
  38. Take a walk around Primrose Hill, which is apparently where all the celebs live (maybe where I'll cross off #28?)
  39. Take a picture at Abbey Road, where The Beatles photographed their iconic Abbey Road cover
  40. Go to the London Zoo
  41. Get a tattoo? (BIG question mark!)
  42. Attend high tea
  43. Have a fancy brunch somewhere that serves macaroons and mimosas
  44. Go one week without looking like a slob in class even once
  45. Go to a show of a local London band
  46. Meet my first friend from London
  47. See the Royal Albert Hall
  48. Sneak a peak of London Fashion Week
  49. Take a photo in London with the Southern Weddings issue I contributed to
  50. Do the "Where the Hell is Matt" dance in fron tof a London monument (and have the video to prove it)

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  1. Number 9 will feel amaaazing. And I think a roomies night will be perfect. I also love 19, 41, 42, and 43. oh I'm so pumped for you.