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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Even though I love following celebrity news (sorry, I'm a bit shallow in that department) and what they wear on the red carpet, I'm not crazy about blogging about them extensively. Most celebrities have stylists who help them choose their outfits, but I can't help talking about these two.

I was absolutely blown away by Marion Cotillard in Dior. How amazing is that dress? That blue is beyond gorgeous! It's so simple, but it makes SUCH a statement! When she gets it right, she really gets it right. Eddie Redmayne has had my heart since I saw Les Mis, the first time, not the second time, and I can't imagine anyone else being able to pull of a brown velvet Hugo Boss suit like he does. Doesn't he look so dapper?! 

What do y'all think of these two? Who did you think looked best?

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