I want Spring now, please

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

You know what's really fun? Playing a game called "let's pretend to order everything I want on the J Crew website and keep the cost a surprise." What's not fun? Realizing that everything you want on the J Crew website is not within your budget. About $4900 outside of your budget.

I was able to narrow down my favorites (down to about $1000) and I personally think they're adorable! Can you tell I'm feeling the blues and greens this summer?

I've been coveting this chambray popover since I saw it in the catalog and I think it's a worthy investment! Since my internship at home allows me to be a little more on the casual side I feel like it would go well with a pair of cute shorts or a pretty skirt!

I'm obsessed with J Crew iPhone cases! They're made with a kind of plastic that is halfway between rubber and plastic, so they're bendable, but also super durable. I've had mine for months and it hasn't broken (and neither has my phone)!

How cute is this glitter tweed skirt? It's such a perfect mix between casual and professional! And the color is PERFECT!

J Crew is always on point with their bikinis - especially with the colors and cuts! I can't get this scalloped bikini out of my mind...so it might have to be mine when I get home! I'm usually not super girly, but the scallops are a perfect girly twist to the emerald color. The paisley bikini (which is part of a collaboration with London of Liberty) is also a close second!

Even though the original scalloped Chloe flats are out of my price range, these seem perfect to me! Clearly scalloped anything will be on my radar this season :)

In the summer I pretty much live in cutoffs. From May - September I am only in cutoffs - it's my uniform. I'm super picky about jeans, but these seem like they are the perfect length and distress for my wardrobe!


Has anyone else checked out the J Crew spring line? What do you think? I'm more or less obsessed with everything. More or less.

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