Silly Love Songs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

There is a fine line between a really touching love song and an overly mushy, awful love song. I've never been one to weep over sentimental Hallmark cards or pine for someone to serenade me with love songs. It's just not for me. I get uncomfortable. I laugh or giggle when I shouldn't. It's just awkward.

I'll be my own valentine this year (cue the smallest violin in the world), but I will definitely be listening to some of these songs on Valentine's day as I eat a box of chocolates with a vase of flowers on my desk! 

Do y'all have any favorite love songs? Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel has always meant a lot to me because it's my parents' song. They never had a first dance at their wedding, so I always thought I would let them have a first dance to that song at my wedding. They're just so downright adorable!

if you want to take a listen to my playlist, click here!

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