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Monday, February 25, 2013

A quick note. There were tonssss of people who looked incredible last night, right? Who were your favorites? I've generally steered towards the simpler outfits, and this one Samantha Barks is WORKING by Valentino takes the cake for me this year. She looked incredible, right?

And obviously Jennifer Lawrence looked ridiculously gorgeous in Dior! She literally can do no wrong!

So then I hope you understand my disappointment and heartbreak when I saw this number on Brandi Glanville...

Girlfriend...I think you need to pull up your dress. It slipped down a little.
PS- why are you at the Oscars? Just wondering.

In general, though, I thought the Oscars were amazing! My love has only grown for Jennifer Lawrence. Girlfriend tripped walking up the stairs in her Dior dress to receive her first Oscars and her speech was so good!
Obviously, Anne Hathaway was going to win Best Supporting Actress. Yawn. She was happy. I get it.
The dancing/singing acts? Jennifer Hudson? Adele? Seth Macfarlane singing "Saw Your Boobs"? LOVED IT.
Obviously, after having seen Les Miserables (and falling deeply for Eddie Redmayne, duh) twice, I wanted Les Mis to win Best Picture. So even though it didn't win, I was still so excited for Ben Affleck. Doesn't he seem so nice to y'all?

What did everyone else think? I stayed up until 5:00 am in London watching, but I'm so glad I did!

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  1. I didn't watch the actual ceremony (middle of the night in the UK!), but obviously looked at all of the dresses online the next day. I looooved Jennifer Lawrence - the dress, the whole look, the speech and her honesty! She is a breath of fresh air in Hollywood. I loved Anne Hathaway's dress cut, but not the boob-pointy seams! Her hair and make up was lovely, too. Apart from them too, I really loved Jennifer Aniston's simple red dress and Naomi Watts 2 sparkly dresses - so chic!