Watch This

Friday, February 22, 2013

We all have those photos of celebrities/randoms that we've seen online or in a magazine and instantly loved. We wanted to style everything about ourselves after this one picture, whether it's the way we do our hair, the clothes we wear, or the attitude whoever it is in the photo exudes.

For me, I have plenty of those photos. I keep an "inspiration" file on my laptop so that if I'm ever feeling down, I can go to it and pick myself back up. As for style, this photo of Ashley Olsen made me want to be a watch-wearer. I've never worn watches, and when I tried to, I felt like they always looked weirdly big or small on my wrist. And even though I'm a righty, I wore the few watches I could stand on my right wrist. Very weird.

Anyway, this is the photo. Very inspiring and provacative, I know.

You see that watch on her wrist? Not the wrist that's clearly visible, I mean the one draped over her leg. The one you can barely see. That watch right there made me want a gold watch with a black face. Don't ask me why, I don't know. But since I saw that photo, maybe in 2009, I've been searching for the perfect black faced gold watch.

Her watch isn't even gold, you say? Details, people. Details.

And I've hunted hard. Once I have my mind on a certain style, it's very hard to get it off of anything else. So obviously I found this watch and needed it. It's Kate Spade, how could I not?

This watch also comes with a $225 price tag. Not really in my budget. Besides, I wasn't that much of a watch person anyway. I continued my hunt for years...until last November when I saw this baby at Target, of all places, for the low-low price of $20. And I had a $5 coupon. $15. Win.

Obviously I've been congratulatory patting myself on the back for the past few months. I'm totally a watch wearer now, and even though the battery has died and I don't know where to get a new one in London (because there's no UK equivalent of Target, which makes me die inside every week), I still wear it. I think it makes me look professional and super cool.

Please tell me y'all have had the same kind of obsession as I have? Or am I the only one? Maybe I'm just a little weird...but at least I'm on time :)


  1. I'm actually exactly the same way. Not always with watches, but about anything. I'll see someone with a cute bag on the street, and I wont stop until I find the exact same one (or seriously close). Half the time I'm positive I've remembered the details wrong, but it doesn't matter.

    After I saw The Blind Side in 2009, I became obsessed with having the watch that Sandra Bullock wears. I found out it was a Plasteramic Toy Watch, and then that began about a month of angsting over whether or not to pay $300 for a plastic watch. Eventually I went with a cheaper option from Fossil and I'm glad I did, but're not alone!

    1. So smart going with the cheaper option! But seriously I'm so glad I'm not alone! I also may or may not have spent hours trying to find a pair of heels Rachel Bilson wore only to find out they were $ way around that.