Man Appreciation Post

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I realize I haven't posted for a while...but I promise that will end soon! I just finished three projects (all worth 50% of my grade in those respective classes), and I'm hoping to finish another one tonight!

But since I generally study best by giving myself a break and a little reward after a few hours of studying, I'm feeling like this is a really great reward.

Now, I know that this GQ interview and photoshoot was published last August, but I used to be a huge True Blood fan. I haven't kept up with the series lately, but Alex Skarsgard was always my favorite character! I liked Sookie and Bill...but I looooved Sookie and Eric! Anybody else?

Maybe because of his well coiffed hair, or that 5 o'clock shadow, or maybe because he's super tall - I've always felt so guilty standing next to a boy who's barely taller than me in heels - but Alex looks mighty good in these shots! know. It could be his hot bod.

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