Off Days

Friday, March 8, 2013

Everyone has off days, I know. I feel like today was my first "off day" in a while. Where you wake up feeling weird, and you don't really get out of that funk all day. Not that you're necessarily miserable or sad or mad, just something It's having me craving some major comforts from home.

Ed Sheeran is always an excellent cure for whatever ails you. Literally, you could have the black plague. I would put money on him healing you.
Warm, fuzzy socks straight from the dryer? Paradise.
My favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids
Otis, primo snuggler
I don't go to CofC anymore, but this sweatshirt is my go-to for lazy nights in
Ben & Jerry' explanation needed
And to feel a little better about myself, a nice Clinique moisturizing facial mask!


  1. I just recieved some sour patch kids in a care package! I never realized how much I missed those little guys...great choice.

    1. You have no idea how jealous I am of you! There's an American Food Store that sells them in London, but they're SO expensive! I wish I could buy them...I think they'll have to be a "special occasion" purchase :)