Spring has come to London!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The temps hit 57 degrees here Tuesday, and though it's dropped a little, London has been GORGEOUS! I loved the city before, but now, being (relatively) warm outside? This is only going to spell trouble (and lots of crying) for when I have to go home. It's warm, the sun has been out, and best of all, no humidity. Granted, there hasn't been any humidity since I got here, but at home humidity is all there is. London, please don't make me go! I only have two and a half months left!

PS - I made this on my Polyvore account, which I just recently remembered existed (shame! I know) and have used a bit. Check it out here, and follow if you'd like!


  1. love the studs. oh gosh, reading about you being sad about leaving London makes me freak out about leaving Asia in 3 months. ugggh.

    1. Right?! When I first got here I thought I'd be happy to go home, but now I just want my parents to move close to London so I can go visit occasionally and live here forever!