Things that exist in London, but not the South

Thursday, March 21, 2013

So I feel like I've given London a pretty unfair rep with my posts about the South. There are so many amazing things about London, and even though I have a tough time putting on my UGGs every day (IN LATE MARCH), and literally the weather has not changed at all since I got here in January, there are so many amazing things that I love about this city. For instance:

  1. There is literally always something to do. There is always a play, always a concert, always a new restaurant to try. Even if I were here for a year I couldn't possibly run out of new things to try. If someone is bored in London, then they're just a boring person.

  2. This city never sleeps. If you caught my Ed Sheeran reference there, then I definitely want to be your friend.  If I go out for drinks and come back home at 2:30 AM, I know that there will definitely still be people out and about walking around the streets. It can be easy to feel alone all cooped up in your room, but outside there are so many people, and people watching has definitely become a hobby of mine here.

  3. Food is never more than a few steps away. I live in a relatively "hip" part of town, as some of my peer leaders and local friends say, so bars, restaurants, and convenient stores are always open and available, no matter what time of day or night. Literally, if I want ice cream, I just have to talk down the stairs of my flat and go to the convenience store...that is like 20 feet away from my door. I love it. I think I'm going to have a hard time transitioning to having to drive to get food at home.

  4. There are tons of parks. Before I left one of my good friends who had studied abroad in London before gave a really accurate description of the city. She said "London is like NYC, but with a lot more parks." And she is so right. My university is right down the street from Regents Park, and it's so nice to walk around and get lost in the fields and trees and plants for a while. I still have a ton of parks left on my list to visit!

  5. The Food. When I came to England people told me not to get excited about the food. The English aren't known for their good food. And to an extent that's true - I've been told not to try the black pudding from a very trusted source, so I'm not going near it. But other the food I've had here has been great! I eat more fish here than I ever did at home because everywhere serves fish and chips. You can name any type of food you want, and there's always going to be a restaurant relatively close, or willing to deliver.

  6. The Tube. Seriously, Tube, I will miss you when I go. I don't have to worry about being awake enough in the morning to drive to class. It's like having a chauffeur...but with a lot of other people in the car. And you might have to wait like tops 5 minutes for the car to get there. I give the public transit in London a giant A+

  7. The accents. I know that accents are everywhere, but seriously. British accents. I've had to say "pardon" and "excuse me" more than I would like to admit, but British accents are the most amazing things on the planet. I told a British friend the other day that southern accents make you sound dumb, and British accents make you sound sooo smart! (also sexy, ahem, Harry Styles)

  8. Liberty of London. Literally my favorite place in the entire world. I'm going to miss you so much. Please set up residency in Columbia, South Carolina. Please.


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  2. that picture of the park makes me want to cry. I miss the clean air and blue sky of non pulluted places! gah! But really, even if I weren't in Asia, that's a beautfiul picture and I think it's great that you live by so many parks.

  3. Oh my god, the food! Everyone told me the same thing about England, but I ate way better there than I ever had in my life. If I could have shopped at Marks and Spencers every day, I would have. The mashed potatoes were to die for. And I also ate a lot more fish, which I miss. I felt like everything was a lot less processed, even though there were more "prepared food" options. I miss it!