A Guide to Men's Shorts

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A lot of times, mostly while standing in front of my closet in a towel trying to find a single decent thing to wear that day, I think men have it way easier than women in the clothing department. Honestly, picture a man in a light colored button down, sleeves rolled up, any color chinos, and sperrys (or Rainbow flip flops if it's summer), and you've pretty much got my perfect man-style. Women have to consider shorts vs. pants vs. skirts vs. dresses. Then blouses vs. button downs vs. cotton tops. Cardigans. Jewelry. Bags. Shoes are a completely different issue.

Women have to make a lot of decisions about their day before they even leave the house. Men don't appreciate how hard we have to work at this.

But it seems like a lot of men don't understand shorts...which is ridiculously easy in my opinion. They go for cargo shorts, or too long shorts (like, really, get out of 2006), those tight denim cut offs that stop at the knee. I don't get it. It's so simple.

I found this shorts style graphic on Tumblr via Single Malt Scotch and thought it was the smartest thing ever. My next boyfriend is going to be getting all of these shorts as presents if he doesn't already have them. Done and done.

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