Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today I was going to post about new music that I've been listening to, and it would have been just like a normal post on my blog. But today is my mom's birthday, so I figured that can't be ignored. She would murder me if I said how old she's turning, so let's just say she's turning 29.

Right now I'm five hours ahead of my mom and four thousand miles away from her, but even though this is the longest I've ever been away from home, I couldn't feel any closer to her. She literally my best friend. We text and talk every day.

My mom's one of those moms that doesn't baby her kids. She was always sympathetic (even now) when my sister or I have problems, and she's always there to listen, or give us advice should we need it. But she never went easy on us. If we needed to do something, she let us know. She let us know when we were old enough not to ask her to make us food, or old enough to clean the dishes ourselves. Most of the time we didn't want to do what she told us we should do, but I couldn't be more grateful. When I moved out of the house for the first time, I knew how to take care of myself.

My mom's also insanely cool. She doesn't pay attention to pop culture like I do, and I'd re-do her closet if I could, but when it comes to her sense of humor, taste in music, and general way of doing things, she's the coolest mom I could imagine. A couple of years ago I set up her Facebook account (that she looks at maybe once a month, she's too cool for Facebook), and I warned her that I didn't want to be friends with her because I wanted to keep my personal life personal. This is how that conversation went:

Me: "Just to let you know, I don't want to be your friend. I don't wanna be mean, I just don't want my parents to be able to see everything I do."
Mom: "I don't want to be your friend. I don't care about seeing all of the pictures your friends take of yourselves."

Boom. Cool Mom.

Mom's not a big shopper, which is funny considering that's literally my favorite thing to do. She'd rather get into Target and get out. Most of the time I have to make her try things on. And vice versa, she's the one normally reining me in, or freaking out about how much I've spent on something. (Sorry, Mom!)

Long story short, my mom is the best there is, I literally could never in a million years ask for a better mom. She's visiting me in two weeks and I find myself thinking about meeting her at the airport and I find myself smiling and getting so excited!

So, Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much and I can't wait to see you soon!

PS to everybody else - aren't moms THE BEST?!

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  1. Love moms the same way whe it comes to being my friend. She's there for me when I need her, but she's authoritative and...motherly like she should be.