Turns out I don't like colors

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I've always thought of myself as a colorful person. I have pink shoes, bright red vests, kelly green purses, and more colorful, patterned shirts/top/tanks than I can count. I've painted my room three times: blue, green, and purple. When I was 13 and first started wearing makeup, I went for the bright blues and greens. Once, on a school trip to Washington DC, I went into my first Sephora. You know what I subsequently spent my last $60 dollars (for the entire trip) on? These:

So, it's established I like color (even though I don't go near those four colors anymore). 

I was kind of surprised though, when I got to my Pinterest account the other day and realized in my Home Sweet Home board...literally everything was white. As in, everything. I've always imagined a house with tons of color, preferably sea glass colors. Maybe it's the southern coast lover in me, but I love those subdued blues and greens. But you know what I found? These:

It's crazy how subconsciously you can be doing something or showing patterns that you would never realize! I had no idea I was such a big fan of white or cream walls. Now that I look at them it does seem calming, and I really love all of the rooms I pinned. 

Has Pinterest showed anyone else something they didn't realize about themselves? I also found out that I'm a bigger fan of casual day dresses and skirts than I originally thought. Maybe it's time for me to start looking for some maxi skirts...

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