10 things I'm not proud of

Saturday, April 6, 2013

  1. My taste in music at times - as in, I will listen to most awful pop music willingly

  2. My procrastination habit, no matter how often I tell myself I'm going to get things done today
  3. The fact that instead of spending my last £10 for the week doing laundry that desperately needs to get done...I went out instead for drinks that were way overpriced
  4. The money I've spent on nail polish that I never needed in the first place
  5. My inability to put any playlist together without You Make Me Feel Like Dancing by Leo Sayer on it

  6. The love I have for television in general - I can watch too much, too often, and shows that actually aren't that fantastic in the first place (if you tell me you don't own a tv or don't watch tv not only will I not be impressed...I might be a little annoyed at you, even though you did nothing wrong)
  7. Dark liquor and I will never get along. I'll never be that cool girl that can drink whiskey and scotch with the guys. I'm sorry. I wish I could.
  8. I can't hear a "that's what she said" joke (or any dirty joke for that matter) without laughing. If I'm not laughing on the outside, guarantee you I am on the inside.

  9. When I was 16 I let my boyfriend pierce my cartilage. You know that scene in The Parent Trap when Lindsay Lohan pierces the other Lindsay Lohan's ear and she puts a piece of apple behind her lobe? My boyfriend and I didn't have an apple, so we put a hole banana behind my ear...with the skin and everything. So. Stupid. I took the thing out after 6 months because it hurt so bad. Still have a scar
  10. I never dress weather appropriate. I still have a hard time making myself put on a jacket, even when it's below 40 degrees in London. And during the summer I always want to wear jeans, even when it is clearly shorts weather (aka 100-ish)


  1. Aw, I love this! I can't tell a joke without laughing, and I usually laugh at my OWN jokes which is just really sad and makes me seems super lame. Oh well! It's important to accept these things about ourselves. I love your list--it's so relatable. :)

    1. Right?! Whenever I think something is funny and I share it with my friends, I always think its funnier than they do. All that means is we have great senses of humor and everyone else's is sub-par :)