6 things I'm proud of that I shouldn't really be proud of

Friday, April 5, 2013

  1. I know all the words to We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel. When I was younger Storm Front was one of my favorite albums, so I would listen to it over and over again on my yellow and red and blue walkman for kids (oh yeah, it happened) until it became second nature. Try me, I dare you.

  2. I'm an awesome hoola hooper. One year at my mom's company party (I was like...10) I won a hoola hoop competition. I think the prize was a plastic cup with the company's logo on it. The prize in itself shows how much I should care about my talent, but I digress.

  3. History has been my strong suit in school, and I really liked AP European History and AP US History in high school. I can name all 44 US presidents in order and generally what happened during their presidency. I'm not great at 1866 - 1900, but other than that I'm pretty proud of myself, because I know I'll need that knowledge a ton in my everyday life (please note my sarcasm).

  4. The first real concert I ever went to was Bonnie Raitt, and I was eight years old (seriously, if you haven't heard of her, she's amazing). My second concert was James Taylor, and I can't remember my third, but I've been to a lot. I never went to any kind of pop concert until I saw One Direction last year, but they were great in a different way. (Side note: however cool my parents are, I'll never forgive them for not taking me to see Elton John or Billy Joel when both of them came to Columbia and I wanted to go SO BADLY and instead they went without me. ouch)

  5. My hair is super super soft. I think it's because I've always had really fine hair, and not a lot of it, but every time someone touches my hair I get a compliment about its softness. Downside of that is that my hair tangles really really easily. It's embarrassing to have to brush my hair in public, but I have to a lot of times. Sorryyyyy I gotta work with what I got.

  6. My parents are actually ridiculously cool. Not so much in a "cool, you got a tattoo!" kind of way, but more in the sense that if I have no plans and spend a Friday evening with them, we generally hang out in my dad's man cave (aka the garage), listen to really good music, eat pizza, and laugh about funny stories from their pasts. I'm beyond proud of them for being so cool. But really, if I got a tattoo they would freak. out.
So that's it for me. Do y'all have anything cool going on? Any weird things you're proud of?

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