HAPPY FRIDAY and some Nice photos

Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Friday, blog world! I've been on vacation in Nice for a couple of days this week (see photos below - yes it was gorgeous), but I'm so happy to be back in London to enjoy the weekend! I love vacations, but isn't it always nice to come home too?

The trip was really fun, except for my major sunburn I got on the day I'm pictured below. That's exactly why the picture I posted is one of three of me in Nice. Too much red, burnt skin for photos to handle. My friend and I got to climb Castle Hill, the tallest point in Nice, do a wine tasting, and check out the Marché du Fleurs. We sat on the pebble beach too...a lot. Yesterday before we left we visited a little restaurant on the beach and had some of the best sangria I've ever had, so if you're ever near Nice...check out the sangria. It will. not. disappoint.

What do y'all have going on? I have exams next week, so I'm taking the next few days as my last little weekend of freedom. I'm heading over to Canterbury to visit Hever Castle, then I'll have to face a paper and exam next week...ick.

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