Cozy California Bungalow

Saturday, May 4, 2013

When I find a new website I'm in love with, I like to talk about it. A lot. So when I found out Domaine, a new interior design site by the women behind Who What Wear, had just been launched, I had to check it out. This is an apology in advance: if I blog photos and stories from this website too much, I'm sorry...but it is awesome.

For instance, I can't get over how they re-did two areas of Lea Michele's home in California. The colors and designs are so clean, but the designers threw in funky little details in the fabrics and colors. It's the perfect balance between clean and cool! Check the slideshow out here for more photos!

Don't you love how they styled these spaces?

Photos via Domaine, taken by Justin Coit

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  1. those pillows in the second picture! I want!!!