Happy Friday!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Friday! Cue Rihanna singing Cheeeers to the freakin weekend, am I right? I just finished my first week back at work, and don't Fridays just feel good? It's like your whole body just sighs from relief.

 Unfortunately it looks like the rain in Columbia (which has been going on all week) from tropical storm Andrea will continue this weekend, so I doubt I'll be getting much sunshine and outdoors time. It's this kind of weather that has been making me a little homesick for London. p.s. - am I allowed to say homesick for somewhere I only lived for 5 months? I say "back home" when talking about London all. the. time. Legitimate question, gimme your answers!

I've been searching for apartments for this upcoming August since March, which was particularly hard from overseas, but I'm checking out a few more places this weekend, so cross your fingers for me that one of these will be the one!

I'm also taking a summer class which I have an exam for early next week, so I'll be prepping for that too...ick.

What about y'all? I hope you have an amazing weekend!

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