Making of the Chanel Bicolor Cardigan

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I can't be the only one who loves a good behind the scenes documentary, right? Even within the first few seconds of the film, it is obvious that Chanel has done such a brilliant job with their behind the scenes look at what it takes to make their bicolor cardigan. Watching it feels almost like you're sneaking into the factory - like the people working with strings, fabric, and patterns don't know you're there while you sit still, fascinated by every step of the process.

Even if you can't afford Chanel *raises hand,* even solely based on visuals, the mini-documentary is stunning.
To check out more Chanel videos, go to their Youtube channel. I would also recommend this behind the scenes Fall-Winter 2013/2014 video or this Fall 2013 makeup preview.

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  1. The Chanel video is amazing! I was totally absorbed by it. I'll definitely be spending some time on the brand's YouTube channel!