Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working in a corporate office setting and taking a summer class, I have to be able to wear clothes that can be appropriate for both the office and classroom, and they have to transition pretty seamlessly. My car has more or less become a moving dressing room full of shoes, shorts, and skirts from all of my outfit changes.

 I've been drooling over this rhinestone top for ages, so I'm hoping that it goes on sale real soon, because it would make such a pretty little birthday present that would work at school with printed shorts or at work with a pencil skirt! Also, how gorgeous is that emerald bag? I can't say no to a nice green bag.

What are some transitional pieces that y'all love? I'm on the hunt for nice button downs, pencil-ish skirts, and nice shoes that aren't too formal or casual.

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  1. Hello Fellow S. Carolinian! Cute blog!! My hubby went to USC! Check out Madewell for sleeveless silk button downs. I got a great one that comes in many colors!