Umbrella Season

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

If there's one thing I know my friends hate about me, it's that I talk about the weather all the time. If y'all haven't noticed that I mention the weather a good bit, call me surprised. Lately in South Carolina it's been unseasonably rainy and unseasonably cool, the latter I definitely don't mind. It's the rain I have a problem with.

Going to England earlier this year, I assumed I'd be dealing with rain much more than I was used to at home. Turns out in London the rain is just drizzle. Honestly, there were no big storms, no thunder or lightening any time while I was there. The drizzle never really went away, but it wasn't an inconvenience - just more of an annoyance.

So now that it's been off and on down pouring in Columbia every day for the past three weeks, I'm getting a little sick of it. The rain doesn't come in mild little showers, they are full out shit storms. And I'm beyond over it. I've decided I need a little pick me up to make this weather seem a little more bearable. There's only so much humidity and frizzy hair a girl can take. I'm thinking the bubble umbrella is just up my alley!

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