Last First Day of School...Ever

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today is my last first day of school ever...or at least for a long while. It seems like only a little while ago I moved into my dorm at the College of Charleston, scared, more or less on my own, and wondering why I had moved so far from home (grated, home was only two hours away, but still). Then like yesterday I had transferred to USC, had great roommates and a great time, and made so many fun memories. My sophomore and junior years flew by so fast I can hardly remember them. Then of course came last semester, the best one yet, where I made memories and friends in London that I'll never forget.

Time flies by so fast when you look at it long-term. Sometimes at work the minutes drag on like honey, seemingly slower than the years that flashed by. How am I already a senior? How is college almost over?

I've been getting an antsy feeling in me for a little while now at USC. I'm ready to get out of college. I'm ready to join the work force, get my own apartment, move where I need to go for work, and do things that, at least most of the time, fulfill me. I want to work somewhere that I can use my skills to better something bigger than just my GPA. My parents tell me I'll miss school someday, and I know that's true, so I'm feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement that today is my last first day. I'll savor it as best I can, all while hoping the classes go by fast. I have three classes in a row, then an internship interview, and then my last class for the day, all before 4:00. Let's do this.

Here's a health, Carolina, forever to thee

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  1. I've been so anxious to graduate too. I just want to feel settled and get the rest of my life started! Enough of this college nonsense ;)