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Friday, October 18, 2013

On this blog I've shared my allotted number of posts on personal freak outs about my future (like this, this one, and this one too), but with the future on my mind, I feel like I should ask y'all something. I'd love to hear from anyone about their experiences!

How did you go about looking for your first "grown up job"? I'm not talking about an internship, and not a part time job. I'm talking 40 hours a week, pay the bills, get to the office at 8:30 am, grown up position. As I've just finished up being advised on my last semester of college ever (ahhh!) I wonder how y'all balanced or are balancing job hunting, being a college student, and/or still maintaining another part-time job. I'm a first semester senior, taking a full load of 5 classes, and I have 3 jobs, so to say my plate is full could be an understatement. I never thought I'd say I'm ready to be done with college, but I'll be excited for the day that I don't have to think about both work and homework.

So how did you find your first real job? If you're in the same boat as me, have you started applying for jobs post-graduation yet?

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  1. I'm a mom who watched two children do this. I would suggest you getting a business/calling card with your basic info on it--name, University of ___2014, BS in journalism (my example), linked in, phone, email. Try Moo cards for some good designs. Pass them around when you can. These cards are also great when you move cities and meet someone new. Both my children did this. The internet is a great tool for job hunting. Set aside on hour a day for just job hunting and sending out resumes. Use your college career center for some guidance. Use persistence. It took my daughter about 7 months to find work in her field. During that time, she volunteered in her field, worked at a department store and networked. Don't turn down any offer for help! It took my son 3 months to get work in his field. In the meantime, he worked two lifeguard jobs. He found his job through a friend who had been placed there earlier. He is with a very small company, but it's a good start. One of his older friends said to treat the first job as another, intensive class. Keep learning. Look everywhere and don't discount any job in search for the perfect job. Good luck!