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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Carolina-Clemson day, y'all!

As many of you may or may not know, today is the big Carolina-Clemson football game! The Carolina-Clemson rivalry is a fierce one, with emotions running hot on each side when it comes to football. Both are great schools (maybe not according to fans on either side), but when football season comes, all respect is put aside. For me, obviously Carolina is hands down the better school and team!

In the rivalry I try not to be too mean spirited since ultimately it is supposed to be fun for everyone. Through blogging I've become friends with Lanie, the blogger behind Southern Preppy Chic, and a senior at Clemson who happens to be super fashionable and super sweet! We both have been feeling some extra love for our universities since the game today is the last Carolina-Clemson game we'll experience as students. We've both written posts about what we love most about our schools, so click over to her blog to see why Carolina is the best school in the world, and check out why Lanie loves Clemson below!


There is just something that makes the Clemson experience extra special. Something that causes me to think, at least once a day, that I am so incredibly lucky to attend this wonderful school. Like Emily, I started out at College of Charleston (so crazy!) and I transferred to Clemson in the fall of my Sophomore year. I have been so incredibly happy at Clemson. It has shaped me and changed me in the best ways- I've grown up in the three years that I've spent here and can't believe my time at this university is coming to an end. In honor of this I've thrown together a list of three of the biggest things I love and am going to miss about Clemson once I graduate. 

1. Big Traditions

I am obsessed with tradition. It makes me so so happy, and if there is one thing Clemson has it is tradition of all kinds! From the football team rubbing Howard's Rock and running down The Hill before home games, to singing the alma matter, to wearing my Clemson Ring, to hearing our fight song, to watching the First Friday Parade, to over-the-top tailgating with family and friends, to Mac's Drive In, to the Esso, to Tigerama (student pep rally). Most of all the fact that I am following in the footsteps of my Great-Grandfather, Great-Uncle, Aunt, Mom, and Cousin- and that I am continuing a legacy that is almost 100 years strong.

2. Little Moments

My Clemson experience has been so enriched by the little everyday occurrences that some people take for granted. Things like: seeing little peeks of the mountains as you drive around campus. The mist rolling off of Lake Hartwell in the morning. The sea of orange clothing on Friday afternoon. The buzz of activity on Bowman field. Walking past a high school tour group and yelling "Go Tigers!". Seeing the leaves change in the fall. Walking past the reflection pond on a sunny day. Knowing my way around the little nooks and crannies of campus. Coming in contact with one of the infamous Clemson squirrels. Reading the Tiger newspaper every Friday. Walking through downtown. -- So much more.

3. Genuine Love

Clemson would be nothing without the people that make it up. From the cheerful bus driver who wishes us good luck on our school work each morning, to a classmate who holds the door for you no matter how far you are behind them, to our amazing President who exemplifies the Clemson spirit- there are so many exceptionally great souls that contribute to making my school what it is. Everyone seems to just know they are a part of something so special, and we all take immense pride in calling ourselves Tigers. I cannot explain the bond I feel to my fellow students/alumni. It's this deep feeling within your heart, a love for this university that embodies excellence. 

That the Tigers roar may echo, o'er the mountain height. 

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