Best Friend Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Last year I gave my best friend Mevy her Christmas present at the airport, as we were about to board the flight to London...on January 5th. Very best friend-like, right? This year, since we're now roommates, we're planning on getting a real tree (she's never had one before!) and fully decking out our apartment in holiday decor. We're thinking of some great DIY projects like this one I pinned a while back and have been dying to try.

I've found that good friends can be particularly hard to shop for simply because you know them so well. It sounds backwards, but think about it. You know all the things they like and don't like, which can make the act of choosing so difficult! My friends like so many things, but have very distinct and specific tastes. I usually try to stay under the $50 range for my close friends, but I try to buy really nice presents that they'll love. I also love to buy them little things and make gift baskets for them, something my friend Savannah did for my 21st this year, which I loved!

Here are some goods I'm thinking of for my best friends!

And PS - here are some extras!

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