Happy Friday!

Friday, November 15, 2013

photos via Andi Hatch for The Every Girl

Happy Friday, y'all! Before I sign off for the weekend to enjoy some college football and massive amounts of homework (please note my sarcasm) I wanted to leave you with these photos from The Everygirl's tour of Margaret Elizabeth's new studio that I'm obsessed with. I'm obsessed with her jewelry designs, so it totally makes sense that her studio matches my tastes to a T. How perfect is it, right? Run over to The Everygirl for more photos!

What are y'all doing for the weekend?

Shop the studio below:


  1. Hey lady!

    Found your blog through Bloglovin and I'm pretty sure we could be besties! (if that's not super awkward to say...) I'm always a fan of J Crew, sparkles, "uniforms", South Carolina, the water...we definitely have similar tastes and styles!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Love!! That's not weird at all, thanks for stopping by :)