Contentment Challenge

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Publishing this post scares me, because from now until this challenge is done, I am held accountable.

What am I doing?

image via Lara Casey

Lately I have felt a growing discomfort with how much and how often I spend my money. Not that I buy things every day, or even every other day for that matter, but I'm growing tired of how often I find myself wandering to the J. Crew or Kate Spade or other retail websites. Though I admire these companies for their branding, identities and, let's be honest, most importantly, their products, I have come to realize that it is a habit of mine to stare at my computer, wishing to have the things that I see.

And that is a problem.

With how much time I spend on my computer, I can easily spend hours of a day staring at pretty things, wishing for them for myself. Is that really a healthy way to spend my hours? I've had to ask myself when the last time was that I was truly comfortable with everything that I own, and I can't remember. For the longest time I have had an "ultimate wish list" made up of my big wants, the big things that I want to save up for to get. But do I need them? No.

image via Lara Casey

Which is why, starting tomorrow, I am taking part in the Contentment Challenge. First started by a fantastically talented photographer that I had the pleasure of working with years ago, Nancy Ray, the Contentment Challenge bars any purchases that are non-necessary. That means no clothes, no accessories, and no little pick-me-ups after class. I'm doing this because I want to derive my happiness from life and the blessings that I already have rather than the things that I pick up from a store. Other than items I truly need like groceries, gas, and necessities, I'm not planning on spending money on material things for two months.

As for this little blog, I'll still be focused on style and everything fun. I'm sure I'll post about little things I crave, but I won't be buying them. I may, though, buy things as gifts for others for Valentine's Day or birthdays. As Nancy said, the challenge is for yourself, not to be cheap and rude. I can also accept gifts too. Aside from controlling my spending and saving some money, I'm hoping to gain a sense of contentment with my life as is, without any new things on the horizon, and I'm both incredibly excited and nervous.

So, what do y'all think? If someone decides to do the Contentment Challenge with me (to any extent), let me know and I'll be sure to follow along on your blog too! I'll be posting updates every few weeks about how I'm doing, my struggles, and my achievements! Wish me luck!

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