Delicate or Statement Jewelry?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Looking through my jewelry I can clearly see how my taste and style evolved through the years. When I was younger I loved big, chunky, colorful jewelry. Since I was also super into makeup, a little too much, that's not terribly surprising. I've since gotten rid of a lot of that jewelry. Very plastic and not my taste at all anymore.

Now looking through the jewelry I bought in high school I can see the massive switch from chunky mode into my delicate chains, thin rings, and little bracelets phase. I still have a lot of those thin silver pieces, and they're still some of my favorites. A problem with that kind of jewelry, though: they're SO easy to break or lose. I can't tell you how many times I lost, then bought again, a pair of my favorite earrings because they were so small.

I never was one to drop a lot of money on jewelry, but I'm coming around to statement necklaces now. I only have a few large rings from years ago that I still love, but no necklaces, so it's been fun building my collection.

What about y'all? Any preferences? I still can't wait to add a pave bracelet, link necklace, and statement earrings to my stash!

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