An Ode to Trusty Kicks

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

That saying goes "the best things in life are free," right? For the most part I 100% believe in the saying, especially when I think of my friends and family. There is definitely something to be said, though, for a pair of shoes that never fails you. A pair so worn (and maybe a little grimy) that it contours perfectly to the arch of your foot, and easily gets you to wherever you need to be. While I will always consider myself a shoe person, and my constant shoe collecting will undoubtedly continue, I don't go a day without thanking the shoe gods out there for making my pair of gray little H&M sneakers.

For a long time I rolled with the crowd and clung to my light brown Sperrys. These. And while Sperrys are great shoes (I currently wear these all the time), I felt a need for shoes a little less "in," or a little more plain. I needed blank canvases. I bought my first pair of grey sneakers from Primark while in London last spring because after thawing out in April after three months of boots and socks, I needed a pair of shoes that I could lace up and wear to explore the city. £3 bought me those shoes, and it took about three weeks to run through them. They had served me so well, but they were made more for their looks than for their mileage. In comes H&M.

When I got home to South Carolina it was summer, and flip flops and sandals took over. I didn't think about my shoes until September, when I found the ones I have now. And I am in. love. In fact, you can see them in action in this photo from last weekend with Lanie!

Thank you, shoe gods, for my little gray sneakers.

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