February Goals

Monday, February 3, 2014

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I can't believe it's already February! I feel the exact same way, girl.

With January having already flown by I'm realizing how easy it is for me to let goals and projects and plans get pushed to the wayside. I had so many adventures and tasks planned for last month and not many actually happened because they were all floating around in my mind, not actually concrete. Doesn't that always seem to happen? During the weekends (after catching up on sleep and work) I feel almost at a loss for things to do if it's not beautiful outside even though I have tons of ideas any other day. I find myself on Tumblr, or now, playing Flappy Bird (oops!).
So that's why I'm going to try to start making monthly goals. Reason 1: to do the things I want to and can do, and 2: to get my life in order because it's clearly not going to organize itself.

So, here are my February 2014 goals:

  1. Read one book (just one!) for fun. It's too easy to let school reading take up time I don't necessarily have sitting around.
  2. Go see Foy Vance in Charlotte and *hopefully* meet up with Lanie from Southern Preppy Chic!
  3. Finally finish a complicated and annoying project involving a large map, plywood, and tons of spray adhesive
  4. Perfect my morning smoothie recipe
  5. Add a few more pieces to my little gallery wall
  6. Register for Dance Marathon to check off #16 on my 101 in 1001
  7. Paint a real piece on canvas to go up somewhere in the house
So those are my goals. What would you like to get done in February?

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  1. I love your monthly goal posts. You make these ideas so feasible and possible sounding!

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