Happy Friday + Funky Nails!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy Friday, y'all!

This post is coming to you late, thanks to birthday celebrations from last night and work this morning. In addition to it being gorgeous outside and not being freezing, I'm in a super good mood today because New York Fashion Week has started! I've wanted to go to a fashion week for years, whether that be in New York, London (dreeeeaammms), or Paris, but keeping up with the highlights from the comfort of my home, with my leggings on, and a glass of wine in my hand is also perfectly fine by me.

My favorite update so far? This manicure with a "modern twist" from the Rebecca Minkoff show. Obviously, since the University of South Carolina's colors are garnet and black, I couldn't love this color combo any more if I tried. Usually I like to stick to more or less neutral, subdued colors on my nails (unless I occasionally want a bright candy colored pink), but these nails are insanely pretty. I bet I could find a manicurist around the university willing to copy this design!

photo via essie

Are y'all keeping up with NYFW? I'm excited to see how weird/gorgeous/insane some of these designs will be!

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