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Monday, March 24, 2014

While I've never had much of a green thumb, I've always loved flowers. Coming from a mother whose first intention in college was to become a horticulturist, you could say that I've grown up with a special appreciation for gardens and all things green. When I was younger I truly didn't care about gardening or flowers whatsoever, though I could recognize and tell you the names of tons. Now that I've grown a bit I can appreciate the beauty of plants, flowers, and trees more, and I wish I could garden like my mom and grandmas can. If only I could keep anything alive for more than a month or so - it seems like my grandmas can take a plant and make it bloom by looking at it! Maybe I need to practice more?

images via Etsy and Paper & Stitch

After embarrassingly having to give back my mom a beautiful birthday plant because it was dying in my care, I'm thinking that something of the succulent variety is right up my alley. They're relatively easy to care for since (some) don't require tons of water and attention. They can also be pretty small, so they sound like perfect starter plants! I also think they can be so cool looking, and they come in tons of different forms, shapes, and colors!

Which is your preference? Big, floral, colorful flowers or simple succulents?

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